Friday, February 7, 2014

Collective nouns

We all know about a pride of lions and a murder of crows. What about fantasy monsters?

A royalty of griffins
An astonishment of unicorns
A mystery of displacer beasts
A crown of dragons
A thunder of umber hulks
A shiver of drow
A scuttle of kobolds
A rattle of skeletons
A dirge of wights
A squirt of green slimes
A growl of owlbears
A snarl of gnolls
A mask of mimics
A squirm of carrion crawlers
A stench of otyughs
A glory of wemics
A sight of beholders
A cackle of harpies
A cyst of demons
A hiss of displacer beasts


  1. Replies
    1. Freakin' awesome! My faves would be "a horror of aboleths" and "a coterie of vampires."