Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Random tables inspired by Amon Amarth

Random tables taken verbatim from the lyrics of Amon Amarth.

1. Guardian of Asgard
2. Son of Thunder
3. Walker on the Wind
4. Deceiver of the Gods
5. Father of the Wolf
6. Master of War
7. Protector of Mankind
8. Destroyer of the Universe

1. Heimdall gazes east; a sail has caught his eye
2. A rain of arrows darkens the sun
3. Unknown creatures howling to the sky, blood chilling and ravenous
4. A cold blue light shimmers ahead
5. Racing across the arctic lands, a mounted legion
6. Twilight of both gods and men
7. The weaving Norns sing
8. Night comes crawling, black as sin
9. Muspel's fire is set free
10. The warlord breaks the temple doors
11. An oath, once sealed in blood
12. The serpent rises from the waves
13. A golden bridge shines in the dark
14. Bolts of lightning fill the air
15. The dreadful serpent roars in pain
16. The great world-tree Yggdrasil trembles to its roots
17. A vicious hunt on through the night
18. Two kings bring lethal steel
19. The dead rise from their graves and Surtur spreads his fire
20. The Fimbulwinter has arrived

1. Severed limbs and heads
2. Invisible frozen chains
3. Tattered banners and bloody flags
4. Scattered fires glow
5. A horrid ship of dead men's nails
6. One thousand heads are on display
7. Grotesque creatures of the sky
8. Axes, spears, and swords
9. Heimdall's horn
10. Storm of lethal flames