Thursday, February 13, 2014

Mad Scientist Encounters

Neoplastic Press

Roll 4d6, or scroll down and click on the Create button to generate a mad scientist encounter!

A half-demon necromancer wants to create the perfect spouse for a ravenous ghoul. However, this can't be done until one final material component has been found.
A demented magic-user is trying to craft a living weapon from an infected hobgoblin. Unfortunately, an angry mob is en route, armed with torches and pitchforks.
The blood-soaked druid wants to combine a carrion crawler with a blind beholder. Though this attempt will succeed, it will accidentally open a hell-gate to Ghorom.
A gnomish steam-wizard seeks to transfer her consciousness into an assassin's corpse. Sadly, the process is flawed, and will instead produce a cascade of liquid fire.
This idealistic cleric hopes to cure the contagious illness of a dying orc priestess. It works, but it also summons Basatan, the sadistic God of Crabs. The deity demands tribute.
An ambitious acolyte wishes to access the repressed memories of a maimed queen. This experiment has attracted the attention of an aboleth, which has sent spies.


  1. Excellent quick-start for the depravity-deficient DM!

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